The Origin Story

Hey there - let me introduce myself. I'm Brooke Bevilacqua, a high school senior, and the owner of The Sticky Note Challenge website. Let's get a quick run-down before we jump right in...

I am in no way the first person to have thought of this idea and I will never claim to be.
This challenge is meant to be for anyone, but if you decide it isn't your cup of tea, that's okay! I wish you and your mental health the best!

Now, let's get to the juicy bits!

The Sticky Note Challenge got its start as nothing more than a high school social media project - making a positive change through social media. At first, I was really, really stuck on what to do. I didn't know where to go with the idea, and it took me most of the semester to figure it out.

Then came the stroke of lightning, so to say. One could also call it a late-night creative burst... and if you've got ADHD, like me, then you'll understand the massive hyper-fixation that sent it hurtling past a normal project.

I suddenly remembered a simple activity my step-dad had me do my sophomore year of high school when I was struggling with terrible mental health and worse-than-poor self-image issues. He'd told me to do exactly what The Sticky Note Challenge is about - he told me to write a sticky note with something positive about myself on it, and stick it on my bathroom mirror.

I remember, at first, I was skeptical and thought it was pretty pointless - but I did it anyway. I can't tell you how much of an impact it started to make. For reference - the mirror in this bathroom was roughly five feet wide, and about four feet tall. So basically, this mirror was pretty big.

And there was a point where every inch of that mirror was covered in neon-yellow sticky notes.

Why am I telling you this? I know that many of you might never try the challenge because you think it's silly or stupid or overall nothing more than a cute idea. But I know the power it had for me - I can't tell you the number of times I looked at those sticky notes and forced my mindset to change. The number of times I forced the ugly voices in my head to bow to the words written on those notes.

All because I took a chance on something I thought was silly. I still use this method - well, considering I made a whole website around it, I'm sure you'd find it strange if I didn't. Right now, I have a sticky note stuck on my bathroom mirror, just like back then, with four simple words - "I have inner peace."

I'd like to take the chance to pause and explain that there isn't any power in the sticky note itself. Rather, all of the power to complete the challenge comes from you. You have to choose to write something positive about yourself, you have to choose to put it somewhere you'll see it often, you have to choose to realign your mindset to match the words you've written.

The point is that the challenge is simple, but what makes simple things hard is that it's just as easy to do them, as it is to choose not to do them. You might put a sticky note up and forget about it for a week - you've missed the point of the challenge. You might put a sticky note up and look at it every day, but scoff at the silliness of it - you've missed the point of the challenge.

The Sticky Note Challenge is for anyone - but it's not for everyone. Not everyone that tries the challenge will be willing to fully commit, not everyone will be able to get over the surface "silliness" of doing such a thing. Not everyone is willing to change their mental health and their mindset for the better.

But if you took the chance to read this, I do hope you'll be willing. I do hope you'll try it and it will impact your life like it's impacted mine. You have the power - and I believe in you.

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