Sticky Note Challenge Quick Start Guide

Now, the challenge in and of itself is pretty simple. You take a sticky note, write something positive about yourself, and put it up somewhere you see it. You have to decide to shift your mindset to believe it, and after a while, you will!

But, sometimes getting that first sticky note down can be tough. I know I had that question lingering in my mind when I was trying to figure it out.

"What do I even write?"

But don't worry - I'm here to help!

I've come up with some questions you can ask yourself to help narrow it down, and some tips for writing it out!

Question 1: What's something others say they love about you, but you don't believe?

Example: "She says that I'm a great friend, but I feel like I'm a horrible one."

Question 2: What's a trait you wish you had?

Example: "I wish I was more confident," "I wish I was more patient," "I wish I was beautiful," "I wish I was handsome," "I wish I was smart," etc, etc.

Question 3: What's something you see in someone else that you wish you saw in yourself?

Example: "He's so good at giving public speeches, I wish I was that good."

Question 4: What's something you want to achieve?

Example: "I really want to get an A on this next test," "I really want to bring someone home for the holidays," "I really want to get that job/promotion," etc.

Got a better idea for something you can write?

"Too many!" - Take it one by one at first, it'll be easiest to handle!

"Not yet," - Take a moment alone and dig deep when you ask yourself these questions. Maybe even write them down and come back to them later!

"I've got it!" - Good! Now let's get on to the next part of this Quick Start Guide.

A Few Tips to Maximize Your Experience

Writing it Out

- Write your sticky note in the third person - don't say "I am..." say, "You are..." or, even better, write out your name! "John is...."

- Don't write it as something you want, rather, write it out as something that you already have. Instead of, "You want to be a more confident person," make it, "You are a confident person."

- Keep it simple! The easier it is for you to remember, the easier it's going to be to make it stick. Instead of "You are a confident person," make it, "You are confident."


- Put your sticky note somewhere you'll see it every day, preferably somewhere you see it multiples times a day. A bathroom mirror is a great spot, so is a desk, or even just on your bedroom door.

- If you're self-conscious about someone seeing it for right now, I'd put it somewhere that you don't have a lot of visitors. However, having someone help keep you accountable is a great thing and might really help.

What to Expect

- This is not some magic pill. You won't put a sticky note up and immediately feel better about yourself. You have to put in work to improve and grow by constantly shifting your mindset. The changes won't be immediate, and depending on the wound or insecurity, it might take a while for you to feel more positive in that area. The biggest thing to remember is that when you align with your negative thoughts, you're going to get more negative feelings. When you align with your positive thoughts, you're going to get more positive feelings.

You've got this! Don't give up, and you'll see a change.

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